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Fighting Cancer with Chaga

Discussion in 'Cancer' started by SuchMuch, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. SuchMuch

    SuchMuch Administrator

    St.Petersburg, Russia
    Local Time:
    12:36 PM
    Cancer is one of the most serious kinds of a malignant tumor. Somatic cells are no longer controlled by immune system, they begin to breed quickly and damage healthy cells. Infected cells are transported with blood within entire body and form metastasises.

    Malignant neoplasms are subject to medicamental treatment and often are liable to surgery. That's why cancer patients have to be under observation of oncologist.

    Fighting Cancer with Chaga Mushroom Oil Emulsion
    Mix 40 ml of crude sunflower oil with 30 ml of chaga tincture. Mixture should be drunk off at once.

    Mixture is taken 20 minutes prior to having meal 3 times a day at fixed time . 1 course lasts 10 days, then 5 day break goes, then new course should be started. Patient should take as many courses as needed until he got the all clear on his cancer.

    Taking above described medicine good results are usually obtained in cases of:
    - lung cancer
    - breast cancer
    - stomach cancer
    - rectum cancer

    It must be mentioned, treatment with chaga oil emulsion could cause such side effects as diarrhea, nausea, delicacy, giddiness etc. However, people taking this medicine state above mentioned side effects are normal phenomena. These side affects testify that body is being being cleared and taking chaga medicine should not be stopped.

    If patient has passed chemo or radiation therapy and has taking strong medicinal herbs, treating with chaga should be done only under supervision of oncologist.